Having in mind that dental services are very expensive in the whole world, it shouldn’t be surprising that dental tourism has been increasingly popular in Serbia.
When prices of dental services are compared to the ones in the world, the difference is quite obvious. In dental practice Dr Boris Prokić, the patients will get the highest quality of service at affordable prices. Patients from foreign countries will be provided with everything they need in our country while they are staying here.

Our doctors are fluent in English and Russian.


It is very important to maintain correspondence between our team of doctors and future patients before they start treatment. In that way necessary length of stay and costs of treatment and accommodation will be determined. Patients who come to Serbia for dental tourism get the best service at affordable prices and our staff aim at providing complete service. Apart from studio accommodation, the price can include transportation from the airport to our practice, should the patient request so. In addition, upon special request, our staff will try to provide a guide who speaks patient’s mother tongue for the duration of the stay in Serbia.

  • Studio accommodation
  • Airport transfer
  • Services of a guide
  • Our practice staff at their disposal

Apart from usual dental services, dental tourism includes a lot of other specialist ones and our practice can provide them. Those are: implantology, oral surgery, prosthodontics, aesthetic dentistry, orthodontics, periodontics and pediatric dentistry.

Having in mind that the prices of dental services in our country are significantly lower than in the countries in the region, Europe and the world, the advantages of dental tourism have been on the increase. We would like to emphasize the fact that all our patients can expect high quality of service and professionally trained staff.

We are always willing to meet the needs of our patients; therefore, it is best for them to contact our practice in order to inquire about the services we offer, get clear guidelines on how dental tourism functions and find out the prices of concrete services.