Generally speaking, oral surgery is a part of dentistry that first and foremost deals with the correction of various bone and gingival defects using surgical equipment.

It includes tooth extraction, apicoectomy (the resection of the root) as well as frenulum resection and bone ridge levelling.


Due to the fact that dental practice Dr Boris Prokić employs only the experts that have adequate education and enough work experience, we can say with certainty that we offer the best possible services in the area of oral surgery.

Our practice has close cooperation with the best laboratories and other professional institutions in the country, which greatly contributes to the quality of treatment. We would like to emphasize that all oral surgery services involve the use of local anesthesia in most cases, which all patients will certainly be fully informed about.

Our practice offers services from this area such as extracting baby teeth, diseased adult teeth that jeopardize patients’ health, surrounding tissue or teeth.  We are trained to carry out surgical extraction of the teeth that are set deep in the jawbone and can cause serious issues due to their presence, position and growth.

Last years have seen the increase in the number of patients who need preparatory surgical procedures to ensure better fit of mobile prosthesis as well as preparation for wearing mob­­­­­ile ­­­orthodontic appliances where soft and bone tissues are preparing for more comfortable and long-term use of these appliances. Planned surgical procedures are done in local anesthesia with detailed anamnesis and medical history. Our patients are required to provide medical documents if they are chronically ill and, in some cases, written consent of hematologists, cardiologists, rheumatologists, neurologists and oncologists.

Due to their experience, first of all, our dentists extract teeth virtually painlessly. Patients are then informed about the procedure of placing implants or bridges if that is the best way to replace the lost tooth.


Oral surgery includes surgical tooth extraction, which is usually done in case of wisdom and canine teeth, although it can be performed on other teeth as well, if necessary.

In case of tooth root infection, our experts will do root resection or so-called apicoectomy. In that way the tip of the root will be removed and further infection prevented.

Various bone irregularities in jaw mainly have to be removed right before dentures are placed and the levelling of the bone ridge.

One of virtually routine procedures is frenulum resection. It is a procedure that our experts can do almost painlessly, when necessary.